Melbourne is where Australia keeps its coffee, its galleries and its headline sporting events. It's widely regarded as the country's culture capital. A place where fashion, music and food come together on the same hand-crafted ceramic plate. But there's more to Melbourne than laneways and strong flat whites. The city's suburbs could keep any shopaholic busy for weeks, and many of Victoria's best natural attractions are only a couple of hours (or so) away by car. You can visit Phillip Island and see the penguins, explore squeaky sand beaches at Wilsons Promontory, or head north for wine tasting and in-depth country pie research. 

If you've never seen Apostles made from stone or tee’d off with a gallery of 'roos', just rent a car and head down the Great Ocean Road. Stand in the shadows of sandstone mountains, surrounded by wildflowers and wallabies in the nature-packed Grampians National Park. Or head to Dunkeld for award-winning fine dining. That's the beauty of Victoria. No matter where you go, you're never far from good food, good company and amazing views.

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