A squeal of a time

As darkness falls, the hidden side of Victoria emerges. From tales of lives lost to eerie paranormal encounters, you'll get a real thrill as you embark on a tour of Victoria's most haunted locations. Light your lantern and head out on a spooky tour with local guides who have a story or two to tell about everything that goes bump in the night.

Walhalla Ghost Tours

Head to a sleepy mountainside town with so few residents, it's been dubbed an actual ghost town. Walhalla is home to one of the state's most thrilling ghost tours. The isolated ex goldfield community is bursting with sordid tales from a bygone era and countless unexplained mysteries, with paranormal encounters part of the town's very fabric. Tours are held every Saturday night and run for 90 minutes.

Asylum Ghost Tours

Ghost tours, paranormal investigations and a splash of history is just business as usual for the guys and girls at Aslyum Ghost Tours. Book in for a hair-raising adventure at the historic Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth and traverse 11-acres of heritage gardens and wander through the haunted halls of the former home of the infirm of mind. For an extra treat, wait until after dark and challenge your mind on a two or three hour investigation into what really haunts the hallowed halls of Mayday Hills.

Ballarat Ghost Tours

Learn about Ballarat's more sinister side during a walking tour of the city with Ballarat Ghost Tours. Set against the gothic-architecture of Ballarat's historic streets, this 90 minute tour is a night filled with all things unnatural. The professional historians and storytellers will teach you about the ghosts of the Goldfields in an experience that's a real scream.

Ararat Asylums

Take a harrowing trip down memory lane with the ghosts of the criminally insane on a tour with Ararat Asylums. Get up close and personal with the spirits of the interesting characters who lived and perished within the walls of J Ward Lunatic Asylum. Attracting more than 10,000 visitors a year, the asylum is one of Victoria's most popular places for ghost tours and paranormal investigations.

Aradale Ghost Tour

Get your ghostbusters groove on during an Aradale Ghost Tour or paranormal investigation. Hear the gut-wrenching stories of the psychiatric and intellectually handicapped people who called Aradale Asylum home from 1867 right through to 1993, or embark on your own thrilling investigation into the injustices experienced by the asylum's spirits with an impressive set of ghost hunting equipment.

Twisted History

Geelong Gaol has a shockingly sordid past. Uncover the more twisted side of Victoria's longest running colonial gaol alongside the souls trapped within the gaol's historic walls. Twisted History will take you on a journey through our state's convict past, making your heart race and your skin crawl.

Barwon Park Manor

Barwon Park Manor in Winchelsea is a magnificent bluestone mansion with more than just 42 rooms within its walls – the spirits of notable tenants, like Elizabeth Austin who died in 1910, still wander the halls, sending a chill up visitor's spines. With history dating back to 1871, the former Duke of Edinburg's stately manor is one for the history books.

Blackwood Hotel Investigation

Fancy a feed in a haunted pub? Meet the grumpy bloke who likes to slam the door by the bar, the kids who play duck, duck goose while patrons dine and the trickster in the kitchen. Don state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment and embark on an explorative journey through Blackwood Hotel's ghostly past. But punters beware, the ghosts are known for serving up a real fright to unsuspecting diners over dessert.


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