From the towering river red gum forests of the Barmah National Park to the iconic Mungo National Park, the Murray region is an enthralling mix of pristine natural environments and abundant wildlife. Reconnect with nature and feel the spirit of the world's most ancient continent as you walk, ride, drive or paddle your way through changing landscapes.

A changing landscape

Discover the world's oldest river red gum forest, standing for over 500 years. Lose yourself amid the tranquillity and myriad bird life of Gunbower Island or head to the Lake District near Kerang, home to over 150 species of native plants. Wander the green farmland along the banks of the Murray River, venture out towards the shifting sands of Mungo National Park, or camp by the billabongs and Pink Lakes in Murray Sunset National Park. Choose a pocket of this vast region to explore or travel from one end to the other visiting national parks, reserves and gardens along the way.

New friends

Hit the local tracks and trails to see kangaroos, wombats, emus and goannas in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for sleepy koalas going about their business and wander past goannas soaking up the desert sunshine.

Join a cruise through the wetlands, explore the River Red Gum Drive in your own four-wheel drive, or walk with an Indigenous guide through the ancient landscapes of Mungo National Park.

With wetlands, waterways and forests teeming with birdlife and deserts alive with unexpected native wildlife, the inhabitants of the Murray region are always surprising.


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