The waves are almost always on at Phillip Island, so it was no surprise when it was declared Victoria's first National Surfing Reserve. This surfing playground boasts sheltered bays for beginners, powerful reef breaks, and one of the best surf beaches in the country.

It's going off

You're generally guaranteed an opportunity to get your board out at Phillip Island. The swell is rarely too small to surf and, depending on the swell size, you can find a sheltered break on almost any wind.

More advanced surfers should check out the world-class beach breaks at Cape Woolamai, while beginners can head to Smiths Beach and YCW Beach for some fun, small waves.

Get stoked

If you're just starting out you can hire equipment from the island's collection of surf shops. Take a lesson from a local pro and you'll learn to surf as well as find out about surf conditions, water safety, and how to look good in the carpark. The team at Island Surfboards are a great first point of call for novices and seasoned surfers alike. 

Note: Surf beaches on the south of the island can be very dangerous at times. Please beware of rips and stay in areas where there are other people.


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