Jude Mayall

Chef Jude Mayall is passionate about native foods and flavours.

In her work with Indigenous artists over many years, she has gained precious knowledge about the harvesting and gathering of native bush foods, and the importance of looking after the land.

Wild Food Farm is the outcome of this shared understanding. Based at Rhyll, Phillip Island, the farm and cafe are the result of a longstanding dream that combines cooking and creativity with the region's rich cultural history.

Jude loves living and working in such a beautiful part of Victoria. She lets us in on some of her favourite things about Phillip Island. 

1. Local hospitality

The strong sense of local community and of people being connected to one another on Phillip Island gets a big tick from Jude. 'Everyone seems to know everyone,' she says. 'It's a really friendly place.'

2. Phillip Island honey

Phillip Island has plenty of local bounty, from freshly caught fish and seafood, to locally made wines and beer. Jude has a particular love of golden liquid honey and recommends trying some of the local stuff. 'It's very special.'

3. Phillip Island Brewing and Green Gully Brewing

Jude is collaborating with local brewers Phillip Island Brewing Co and Green Gully Brewing to create an ale that is unique to the area. The brew they've come up with is definitely a winner, even for those who aren't big on beer: it's light, refreshing and brewed with lemon myrtle grown on Wild Food Farm. 

4. Abundant bird life

Phillip Island is a twitcher's haven. Rhyll Inlet and Conservation Hill are aflutter with diverse bird life, particularly migratory wading birds such as spoonbills, ibises, swans and pied cormorants. Jude recommends watching out for the pelicans on the foreshore at sunrise. 'They are really interesting and fun birds.'

5. Tranquil natural setting

The island's restorative natural environment is perfect after a hectic working day. Jude puts away the chooks and with her kelpie, Barney, wanders around Wild Food Farm, absorbing the calm of the sun setting over the dams, and the meditative tunes of croaking frogs and twittering birds. Occasionally she'll spot an echidna out fossicking, and little turtles swimming at dusk.

"I’ve always been involved in growing and cooking, and love creating flavours. I find it really exciting."

—Jude Mayall, Wild Food Farm


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