Fill your sails with the breezes blowing off Port Phillip Bay's wide expanses and launch powerboats, yachts and other watercraft on the calm waters, or take a fishing charter or cruise to be shown the wonders of Mornington Peninsula's waterways. 

Bring your own or hire a boat

Bring your boat and utilise Mornington Peninsula's excellent facilities, including launching ramps and marinas.

Alternatively, hire a vessel from a local boat hire operator. Take yourself on an open sea adventure on a canoe or kayak, or book a boat charter and let a local divulge fascinating marine secrets.

Ferry around

For something a little different, board a pedestrian ferry to the wilderness of French Island. Load the car, bus or caravan and take a ferry ride across the bay on the hourly service between Sorrento and Queenscliff. Along the way you'll see The Rip, the narrow and treacherous entrance to Port Phillip Bay, and the peninsulas that encompass it. Look out for dolphins that ride the bow wave, and you may even come close to some of the big ships as they enter and leave the bay.

In order to preserve Mornington Peninsula's marine national parks and sanctuaries, occasional exclusion zone boundaries may be specified, preventing access by powerboats and motorcraft. Please observe these restrictions.


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