Beloved bohemians!

Celebrate Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love in the remixed musical mash-up extravaganza Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Join us as Baz Lurhmann's spectacular-spectacular film is brought to hedonistic life onstage in the return of this award-winning production

Yes, you can-can-can!

Meet the children of the revolution

The setting: Montmartre, Paris, 1900.

The lovers: Satine, a cabaret performer, and Christian, a composer.

The story: A tale of splendour and romance, of eye-popping excess, of glitz, grandeur and – above all – love! Featuring more than 70 songs from the movie and special musical remixes of iconic modern pop artists including Adele, Katy Perry, Sia, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Book your seat for the 2023 return season running from 20 August to 12 November.

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