It's showtime

But not as you know it…

This is Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, shaken, stirred and spectacularly remixed.

Strap yourself in for this mega musical makeover and listen here to the & Juliet Original Cast Playlist before you go.

How many of these tunes will tug on your heartstrings?

Plot twist

Spoiler alert – so what if Juliet chooses to turn a timeless tragedy on its head and live? Instead, she packs her bags and leaves fair (modern-day) Verona to champion her own destiny on a riotous roadtrip to Paris.

Add a cracking script (written by Schitt's Creek writer David West Read), a heart-soaring soundtrack by Swedish pop maestro Max Martin, and you've got the perfect agents for a smash hit coming-of-age musical.

Throw in a stellar cast of characters, including the bard himself and Shakespeare's sassy wife Anne Hathaway (not the Hollywood actress), for a blast of a show backed by a massive medley set to Britney Spears, Kesha, Katy Perry and more.

So pack your own bags and make a night of it living the life here in Melbourne. Saluti!

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