Pay your respects to hipsters of yore who settled Northcote with the requisite cafes, bars and boutiques, and to the fortunes of planning that afforded Ruckers Hill its unparalleled city views.

Northside culture

There's a decidedly arty vibe around Northcote, whether you're cruising the Westgarth strip, heading up Ruckers Hill to High Street or occupying a patch of St Georges Road.

Check out the latest exhibitions at indie galleries, catch a flick at the beautiful Westgarth Cinema, and see in your tomorrows with a night of high profile or emerging bands at the Northcote Social Club and anything-goes acts at Open Studio and 303.

Shopping the strips

There's everything you'll ever need contained in Northcote's emporia. i dream a highway will fulfil your whimsy quota and Obus will make you cool with locally designed fashion. The Aquarium will see you fixed for vintage threads and Brown & Bunting with pre-loved tomes. Grandfather's Axe will sell you a Scandinavian seat on which to perch and look the part, while Pop & Scott will make sure your plants look equally sharp.

Three square meals

You've got every meal covered in Northcote, and the chances of a good night out with some top tunes are high.

Get brunching at Barry, Bicycle Thieves and Penny Farthing Espresso. Dinner is taken care of thanks to Pizza Meine Liebe, Primo, Estelle Bistro and Real Fine. Digestifs will be waiting at Wesley Anne, Buck Mulligan's, Bar Nonno and Joe's Shoe Store.

All that eating and drinking and being arty can play havoc with your waistline, so get out and about, doing laps at Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre or pacing with purpose at All Nations and Batman parks.

Further north

Meet northern neighbours at Welcome to Thornbury for food-truck fuelled feasts and lazy sprawling beer garden afternoons. Catch a gig at the art deco Thornbury Theatre or an independent flick at the Thornbury Picture House.

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