Meet the makers, growers, crafters and creators – who strive to make their mark in their own special part of Victoria's High Country. Meet locals grounded in their pursuit of the best goats' cheese, traditional beers and alpine experiences. Re-connect with a sense of space, a sense of place.

Nathan Cowan

"Our approach has been to look back into the past and gain as much inspiration as possible... to take all the great things that make Beechworth and try and put them into a bottle."

— Nathan Cowan, Billson's Brewery

Donovan & Melissa Jacka

"When we moved to the country, we wanted to grow the grass, breed the animals, milk the animals, make the cheese, sell the cheese to the people."

— Donovan Jacka, Tolpuddle Goat Cheese

Jean Francois Rupp

"What I do at Alpine Nature Experience, I couldn't do in the French Alps or in Europe, but I also couldn't do anywhere else but in Victoria at Mount Hotham. There's just nowhere else like it."

— Jean-Francois Rupp, Alpine Nature Experiences


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