See playful Australian fur seals waddle, lumber and tumble down off rocks and into the sea on a Lady Julia Percy Island or Cape Bridgewater cruise. For an outdoor adventurer's option, employ your own paddle power and kayak out to a seal colony with a tour group.

Lady Julia Percy Island

Cruise out from Port Fairy to see the largest colony of Australian fur seals in the southern hemisphere. Ringed by cliffs, with a flat treeless top, the 329 acre island is owned by seals. See dolphins and fairy penguins, or in winter, whales can be seen on the way to the island. See the seals at sunset return to their burrows in hundreds.

Cape Bridgewater

Take the Cape Bridgewater trail south and take in striking views of what was once a volcanic island now joined to the mainland by calcified sand dunes. Look out from the viewing platform at the end of the trail on to a colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals. Alternatively, you can take a cruise out to Cape Bridgewater and see the seals up close.


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