Journey to the far south-west corner of Victoria to a region blessed with rolling hills, volcanic soil, a dramatic coastline and an excellent reputation for wine.

Covering a large area of Victoria, the Henty wine region extends from the Hopkins River across to the South Australian border and is home to about a dozen wineries and many more vineyards. It is one of the coolest of Australia's mainland wine-growing regions, and with the addition of plenty of sunshine it provides conditions similar to Europe's Rhine Valley and Burgundy. Just like these regions, the Henty wine region impresses with varieties such as riesling, pinot noir and chardonnay.

Visit Basalt Wines near Port Fairy to sample biodynamic wine and tapas at its renowned cellar door and continue on to Pierrepoint Wines at the foothills of Mount Pierrepoint for pinot gris and pinot noir.


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