Art & culture

From popular regional galleries, local studios and art spaces to museums and historic theatres, the historic Goldfields region offers a rich and varied cultural experience.

Contemporary art

Witness how art has become a driving force behind the region's vibrant and contemporary atmosphere. Visit renowned galleries to see international exhibits and works by some of the country's finest painters, sculptors and artisans.

Get an insight into the work of local artists on a day on the art trail. Stop by private galleries, community art spaces and local retailers, and pop into artists' studios in nearby villages.


Visit museums in Bendigo, Ballarat and Castlemaine to learn about Indigenous culture and hear stories about what life was like on the Goldfields. Discover the lasting heritage of Chinese culture in the region and explore how the region has changed over the years.

On with the show

Music, theatre and comedy are alive and flourishing in historic theatres and state-of-the-art production houses across the diverse Goldfields region. Catch local and international theatre productions, touring bands and comedians at popular venues, from the Ulumbarra Theatre, housed in the old Bendigo Gaol, to Her Majesty's and The Courthouse in Ballarat.