David & Yuge Bromley

For renowned Australian artist David Bromley, inspiration isn't just nice to have – it's essential. After living and working all over Australia, David and his wife Yuge have settled in their Daylesford home and creative base, Bromley & Co, where they feel a special connection to the area.

Describing the most inspiring places in words alone is no easy task for David.

'It's more a feeling you get when you're there,' he says. 'A spiritual connection, for want of a better word. A place where you feel great.'

Both David and Yuge were migrants at a young age. 'Neither of us really felt at home anywhere, despite quite a lot of travel, until we settled in Victoria,' David says.

'Both of us are in love with Victoria's central highlands. It's physically stunning, so close to a big cosmopolitan town – and has so many big and small country towns which all have their own energies. It's brilliant out here.'

David and Yuge share some of their favourite spots from the Goldfields to Daylesford.

1. Daylesford

'We love our studio in Daylesford,' says David. Bromley & Co is where David and Yuge take on art, design, interiors and fashion projects.

David and Yuge are also big fans of the Daylesford Market, and their children love the local skate park.

2. Vincent Street eats

Daylesford's Vincent Street is a historic hub of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, with plenty to explore. It's also home to David and Yuge's Bromley & Co gallery. And when it comes to dining options, David's not shy about his favourites.

'Frangos Cafe and the fish and chip shop on Vincent Street are the best,' he says.

3. Kyneton

Once a place of rest for miners on the way to the Bendigo goldfields, Kyneton now brims with renowned restaurants, wineries and cafes, day spas, boutiques and cultural festivals. David says Kyneton is simply 'adorable'.

4. Castlemaine

A short drive away, up into the Goldfields, Castlemaine is a historic, bustling town renowned for its rich history, eclectic arts scene and cafe culture. 'Castlemaine is very, very charming all over,' David says.

5. Guildford

The small settlement of Guildford lies between Daylesford and Castlemaine. It's a historic gold mining town known for a spectacular, well-preserved red river gum that's thought to be somewhere between 500 and 1000 years old, and one of the largest in Victoria. According to David it's well worth a look.

'The big old tree and the local store there are awesome.'

"Daylesford has been our main place to work and live over the last few years, and it's been wonderful."

— David Bromley, Bromley & Co


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