Keep in mind, to #travelkind

Victoria is open for travel. Plan ahead now, to make the most out of your trip.

Reserve a table at your local. Book a night in a room with a view. Grab a ticket to a new art exhibition in advance. Secure a spot on a tour with a local guide, for an inspiring experience. 

Avoid the rush and embrace space with a midweek getaway to your favourite destination. Or get off the beaten track, to discover somewhere new to you.

Change of plans? No worries. Reschedule your booking or call to cancel.

Please be patient while our tourism businesses get back into the swing of things. The people behind our restaurants, wineries, hotels and attractions are excited to do what they love most, and they want to make your visit a memorable one.

A simple smile or thanks goes a long way.

Keep in mind, to #travelkind.

Travel advice

Stay safe, while you make the most of what Victoria has to offer.

Get the latest information for COVIDSafe travel at covidsafe travel victoria.

Check for up to date advice on weather events at

Business information

If you are a tourism business and want to get involved with Travel kind, find out more here:

Alejandro Saravia, Farmer’s Daughters, Melbourne

Chef Alejandro Saravia, Farmer’s Daughters
"It is important that we work together collaboratively as a community and have understanding and appreciation for the challenges we are all facing."

— Alejandro Saravia

"Turning guests away does not come easily to hospitality operators, who have an innate desire to make people happy. I would encourage everyone to book ahead and to call if you need to cancel. Most importantly, have your phone with you and check in everywhere you go."

— Natalie Pizzini

Natalie Pizzini, Pizzini Wines, King Valley

Natalie Pizzini, Pizzini Wines

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