For many people, cars are more than a means to transport us to some of Victoria’s most inviting attractions. They're a consuming passion, a fact borne out by the number of museums, events and experiences around Victoria celebrating both the past and present of the humble motor vehicle.

In fact, Victoria has been pivotal to Australia's automotive industry, as it was once the home of manufacturing plants for Ford, Toyota and Nissan, and was the headquarters for the much-loved Holden brand.

There’s no better place to start than with a visit to the Fox Classic Car Collection, featuring an eye-popping array of some of the finest vehicles ever made. But wherever you are in Victoria, you’re never far from one of a number of truly amazing automotive museums recalling the glorious machines of yesteryear.

Check out the listing of upcoming auto-themed events, from the grandeur of the annual Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and the MotoGP at Phillip Island to show ‘n shines, rod runs and car rallies aplenty.

And for those who like to be in the driver’s seat, there’s racetracks to be conquered and four-wheel-drive tracks to tackle. Start your engines!


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