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Point Addis Marine National Park

13 1963

The Point Addis Marine National Park features spectacular scenery with wide sandy beaches, crumbling limestone and sandstone cliffs, rocky platforms and copious small rocky reefs. The coastline is exposed to intense wave action from the southern ocean, a major contributor to the shaping of this rugged coastline.

Visitors exploring the marine environment within this park may enjoy exploring the limestone reefs with abundant rockpools filled with marine life. The subtidal waters are recognised as supporting a wide range of fish and algae species as well as seals, dolphins, brilliantly coloured sponge gardens and extensive rhodolith beds. Offshore, and often difficult to access due to tides and swell, Ingoldsby Reef is a particularly popular destination for divers to explore and search for such creatures.

Aboriginal Traditional Owners
Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.

Indigenous tradition indicates that this park is part of the Country of the Wathaurong people and that Indigenous people have a long association with this region.

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Local directions:

The Pt Addis Marine National Park is accessible from Bells Beach near Jan Juc. Stairs down the cliffs provide surfers with access to a range of breaks near Bells and nearby Winkipop Beaches. From the Point Addis carpark steps lead down to beaches on both sides of the point. From Anglesea the Marine National Park is approached along the beach, starting from the beach near the river. Care must be taken in walking this section of beach as the tide often comes in to the base of the cliffs. Boat ramps are available at Fishermens Beach at Torquay.

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