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Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

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The Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine is located in the north end of the original living historic Gold mining town of Walhalla.

Tours are every day at 1:30pm.

This Gold Mine commenced operation in 1865 by the original Hercules Gold Mining Company, working their way to Cohen's reef. When the company did not find enough payable gold, the mine was sold to The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mining Company No Liability in 1871.

Over the Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine's 50 year history, it produced 440,312 troy ounces of gold or 13,695 kilograms. Being the top producing gold mine for six of those years. During that time the population was over 4,800 people.

There are now less than 25 permanent residents living in Walhalla and the nearby surrounding area.

There is the small blacksmith's shop and free museum with tickets, souvenirs, and drinks available from the office. Tours do operate on total fire ban days, but not if declared code red fire alert day.

The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine is wheelchair and stroller friendly and toilets are available. Visitors are required to wear suitable footwear when going underground.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts.

Content: Walhalla Board of Management

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