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Strap on a pair of water skis and get the adrenalin flowing on the wide stretches of water along the mighty Murray River. A popular destination for waterskiing enthusiasts, the river attracts both experienced skiers as well as those who are just starting out.

Training wheels

There are plenty of places where the water is calm for people who are less steady on their feet. Take lessons with experienced professionals in the tranquil waters around the region and get an easy and enjoyable introduction to the sport.

Hot spots

For the best sites, take a drive to the wider stretches of river at Mildura, Echuca Moama and Torumbarry. Other popular locations include Lake Mulwala to the east of Echuca Moama, Lake Boga near Swan Hill, and Lake Hume near Albury Wodonga.

In competition

Waterskiing events are held in the region each year. Catch the Club Marine Southern 80 in Echuca Moama, the largest waterskiing race in the world that attracts up to 40,000 spectators. Visit during Easter and watch contestants vie for the title 'The King of the Murray' in the Mildura 100 Ski Race.

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