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It’s not over until the soprano is dead. Sopranos must die, it's the rule of opera. Death by Soprano is the latest creation of internationally renowned actor, soprano and cabaret artist, Isabel Hertaeg.

In a futile attempt to escape operatic tragedy, a soprano sings her way through a gauntlet of Operatic Occupational Hazards, surviving an alphabetical romp through Grande Opera, from ‘A for Avalanche’ to ‘S for Suicide’ - If she got to ‘Z’ it wouldn’t be opera.

Death by Soprano satirically catalogues operatic death scenes in an A-Z, cabaret romp, created with a great love of opera, although it also embraces a loving irreverence for her occasionally over-inflated ego. Utilizing slapstick, absurdism, dark-clowning and a healthy dose of prop-humour, Death by Soprano portrays the final moments in the lives of operatic heroines.

The show is created specifically for 'non-opera' demographics, particularly comedy, cabaret and festival audiences ,but also caters for lovers of classical music.

It’s not over until the soprano is dead.

Warning: not suitable for young children. Parental Advisory to age 15.

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Includes complimentary afternoon tea.
Includes complimentary afternoon tea.