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True Secrets Melbourne

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True Secrets Melbourne

It is the secrets of Melbourne that make it such a great city. Seven secrets come to life through your headphones as you set out on this self guided walking tour of Melbourne.

Over the course of about two hours you will experience a possible assassination attempt from the top of the Manchester Unity Building during the Beatles' tour; Melbourne life during the gangster period of the 1920s; a particular Melbourne Cup Day when the police went out on strike leaving the city vulnerable to crime; the final shift at the call centre of One.tel high up in the Rialto Tower; secrets known by the stone gargoyles outside the ANZ bank building; the disappearance of the Parliamentary Mace at Madam Brussels' brothel; and the frightening night when 400 people were strip-searched at the Tasty nightclub raid.

True Secrets' detectives have uncovered these urban tales, rumours and lost news stories. Take your smart phone to the physical location and listen to the secret event re-enacted by professional actors. With your headphones on, these high-quality, site-specific, immersive audio dramas enable you to zoom into the story and be swept back in time. You get to be a ghost in their world.

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$19.00 - $29.00

Download for free with the use of one secret. The remainder of the tour can be purchased as in-app download for $19.

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  • Download the app from your Android or Apple app store, put your headphones and head out to the street. You can do this tour at anytime. We recommend the evening as some of the stories take place in the darkest alleyways of Melbourne, so it is more exciting to see them when it is a bit spooky.

    Departure details: 01/01/01 - 01/01/01

Tour highlights:
  • Prostitute Paid with Stolen Crown Jewels
  • Murder Victim's Body Inside Dim Sims
  • Police Desert City Centre on Cup Day
  • Beatles Assassination Attempt from Tower
  • Witness of Secret Bank Deals Breaks Silence
  • Landlord Brings Down Major Telco at Midnight
  • 400 People Strip-searched by Police
  • Self guided

Tour operator

Great attention to detail in the character voices, stereo mixing, the orchestral scoring and the digital delivery makes this True Secrets Melbourne experience a unique one for visitors.

With a love of radio drama and a talent for sharing great stories, True Secrets was created by theatre director, John Paul Fischbach, who worked with local playwright, Robert Reid and IT expert Craig Lambie.

Fischbach is a famous Canadian theatre director who fell in love with Melbourne in 2005 and emigrated to Australia as a distinguished international talent. His first job was the Artistic Director of The National Trust where he came across some of the amazing stories of Melbourne which sparked the idea for an audio tour that was pure entertainment. Fischbach feels that something magical happens in your imagination with headphones on.

The creation of these first seven secrets has been a true labour of love for the three founders who all believe that Melbourne is special because of its secrets and its stories. The partners wanted to give people a high quality audio entertainment experience some of Melbourne's fun past as it happened, where it happened.