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Hummer Penguin Parade Luxury Escape

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Victorian Adventures

Waddle on the wild side.

A luxurious day trip designed to lead you from Melbourne's city shadows on an intimate unveiling of two of Victoria’s most admired destinations. The magnificent and memorable Mornington Peninsula and the world famous wildlife encounters of the pristine Phillip Island.

Ease aboard the lavish comforts of your like nothing else Hummer transport and sense a thrill of adventure this enviable vehicle is renowned for.

Feel the spoils of the extra room on board as you indulge a true new era in luxury touring.

Your Hummer transport promises you a unique affair that gifts a backstage pass to finer experiences of the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula and the memorable Phillip Island.

Savour the Mornington Peninsula's love affair for gourmet food as you relish in mouth watering cuisine inspired by region's freshest produce.

Taste the rich flavours of local vineyards as you are guided through a tasting of the awarded wine selection from a rustic cellar door.

Sense the excitement as you walk amongst the tree tops to catch an eye level encounter with one of Australia’s most adored animals, the Koala.

Embrace the elevated intimacy of Phillip Island's Penguin Parade’s newest viewing area, Penguin Plus.

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$347.00 - $447.00

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  • Departure details: 10/08/16 - 02/10/16

    Daily: 10:00am - 09:00pm

  • Departure details: 03/10/16 - 02/04/17

    Daily: 11:00am - 11:00pm

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An adventure like nothing else.

Victorian Adventures is founded on it's founders' strong passions to travel, discover and learn about the world's inspiring cultures and creations. This true fascination for mankind's and Mother Nature's remarkable beauty has energised a real vision to create and spearhead new era in luxury guided travel.

Victorian Adventures' offer authentic and luxurious once in a lifetime experiences that gift you boutique Australian experiences. Experiences that promise to reveal your destination's unique living and past cultures. Experiences that encourage you touch and taste the locals hidden secrets. Experiences that genuinely engage, enrich and educate you like nothing else.

Just go.

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