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Little Desert Wildlife Discovery

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Naturewise Eco Escapes

Naturewise Conservation Holidays introduces you to Western Victoria's Little Desert region that holds some of the last remaining pockets of untouched Mallee and provides critical habitat for a range of species, including the endangered Malleefowl and Red Tail Black Cockatoo.

Invasive plants and animals, urban development and natural disasters have caused these last remaining reserves to become fragmented, placing pressure on the region's biodiversity.

The constantly changing environment has also resulted in a distinct lack of knowledge on the region's species diversity and population numbers. This knowledge is vital and supports effective conservation management of the landscape.

Join Conservation Volunteers and Parks Victoria and make a big difference at Little Desert.

You will undertake important research through remote camera monitoring and other hands on conservation activities. You will also learn about the endangered Mallefowl recovery program and encounter a range of native wildlife species held at the Little Desert Sanctuary for research purposes including Sugar Gliders, Brush tailed Bettongs and Bush stone Curlews.

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Naturewise Eco Escapes offers you the chance to enjoy close-up interactions with wildlife and enjoy some of Australia's stunning national parks and private conservation reserves.

Naturewise's eco escapes are all-inclusive, small group tours taking you off the beaten track and behind the scenes to explore the best of Australian nature and wildlife.

Choose from a range of experiences to suit your fitness, interests and travel style. Eco tours offer comfortable touring in nature, spotlight tours in search of nocturnal wildlife, family friendly adventures, guided walking tours, camping safaris and rewarding trips offering hands-on conservation activities with guided walks, local tours and educational talks.

When you travel with Naturewise Eco Escapes you are giving something back to nature. All of their tours support wildlife conservation efforts across Australia.

Naturewise Eco Escapes is operated by Australia’s largest not-for-profit conservation organisation Conservation Volunteers Australia – all holidays contribute to real conservation outcomes.

Explore the great outdoors, breath the fresh air, and unwind in nature.

Winner 2014 RACV Tourism Award New Tourism Development and Advanced ECO certified.

  • Australian Tourism Export Council

  • The Ecotourism Association of Australia