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Rainforest Birdwatching Tour

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Melbourne Birding Tours

Melbourne Birding Tours will take you deep into the wonderful Dandenong Ranges National Park. You will gaze up in awe at the height of the tallest flowering plants in the world, the incredible Mountain Ash.

The Dandenong Ranges National Park is the place to go if you want to see parrots, robins, cockatoos and the chance of the amazing Superb Lyrebird. Melbourne Birding Tours will do several nature walks searching the whole day for the birds of the temperate rainforest, also taking in Bunyip State Park.

The tour begins at 7:00am when you are collected from your hotel for a day of exciting birdwatching. Melbourne Birding Tours then drive east of Melbourne for 40 minutes before emerging you into the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Once there the search begins with a series of nature walks listening out for the many birds that inhabit the majestic forest. We will stop for lunch at one of the local cafes before continuing their bird walks and drives throughout the park. Finishing the birding tour around 3:00pm and head back to Melbourne for a 4:00pm drop off.

Tour routes may be altered on days of high bushfire risk.

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$260.00 - $360.00

Rates are per person. Contact for a quote.

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  • Departure details: 01/01/01 - 01/01/01

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  • Dandenong Ranges
  • Birdwatching

Tour operator

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Melbourne Birding Tours specialises in tours for birdwatchers, the beginners, the photographers and the serious twitcher. Be it birding, bird watching or just enjoying nature, Melbourne Birding Tours can give you an amazing experience.

With a professional guide who has over seven years wildlife guiding experience, 15 years birding experience and a friendly laid-back approach, Paul Hackett is thrilled with the reaction he has had from his guests, including the 119 five star reviews on TripAdvisor.

Melbourne Birding Tours understands there are more than 500 species of birds in Victoria, it is a birdwatcher's paradise. Victoria has so many special birds such as the Superb Lyrebird, Hooded Plover and the spectacle of thousands of waders during the summer months.

Not many visitors aware that in under an hours drive from Melbourne there is a wetland which has a similar amount of species per square metre as Kakadu National Park.

For further information please contact Melbourne Birding Tours or visit the website.