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Charles Rose is the premier Australian jewellery design house and hand-made specialist. Since 1923, it has crafted jewellery of beauty and quality. It features a renowned team of master jewellers, and an extensive inventory of superior diamonds.

Currently there are three stores across Melbourne:

Swanston Street - Located at 107 Swanston Street opposite the Melbourne Town Hall, it boasts an exceptional collection of very fine diamond rings and jewellery. This boutique store has a gorgeous collection of ready-to-wear diamond rings and jewellery to match your very highest expectations.

Collins Street - The new diamond boutique at 546 Collins Street offers an exclusive range of premium quality diamond rings and jewellery that meets the expectations of the most fastidious customers. You can also discuss your ideas for a new design, or modify existing designs.

Bourke Street - An icon in Melbourne for three decades, located at 415 Bourke Street, is a renowned destination for finer diamond rings and jewellery. You can visit here to see some of their master jewellers at work, and discuss with skilled and knowledgeable staff to purchase one of the iconic items, or design and have your jewellery made-to-order.

Charles Rose diamonds – Australia’s finest.

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