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Kick off at coffee kings Seven Seeds - every Tuesday at 9am there's a cupping (tasting) session. It's only a few steps to upbeat Thai hangout Middle Fish where the creative menu includes 'Thai-Bourne' fusion. Wind your way to cosy Kaprica, where artisan pizza is the star. Stroll up Lygon Street, lined with Italian restaurants, to Tiamo, a timbered old-timey den for classic pasta. Browse the cookbooks at Readings, named best bookstore in the world, then cross the road to bustling pastry palace Brunetti. Cross back again to worship cheeses at Milk the Cow, then choose between Heartattack and Vine (Venetian snacks and wine) and Jimmy Watson's Wine Bar, a storied, sprawling venue with hidden nooks. Turn right onto Elgin Street, where NORA serves outlandish and outstanding Thai tasting menus. Head up pretty Rathdowne Street to the Carlton North village where Gerald's Bar offers a warm, wine-fuelled welcome. 3km

  1. Seven seeds
    Melbourne coffee royalty.
  2. Middle Fish
    Sweet, sour and spicy with a focus on authentic Southern Thai cuisine.
  3. Kaprica
    Pizza, pizza, pizza.
  4. Tiamo
    Family-run, old-school Italian.
  5. Readings
    Exquisite cook books and tasty inspirations.
  6. Brunetti
    Pasticceria, cafetteria, paninoteca, cioccolateria, gelateria, panetteria and ristorante.
  7. Milk the Cow
    Artisan cheese and boutique booze.
  8. Heartattack and Vine
    Come for coffee, stay for cocktails (and the cicchetti).
  9. Jimmy Watson's Wine Bar
    Lygon Street institution since the 1930s.
  10. NORA
    Unforgettable dinner-only degustation venue.
  11. Gerald's Bar
    Quintessential local.

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