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White Beam

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29 Sep - 2 Oct 2016

Melbourne Fringe 2016 culminates with another major illumination event, White Beam by Robin Fox. Hovering tantalisingly out of reach above Prahran’s Grattan Gardens, this giant horizontal beam of focused white light will shimmer and glow with life as it forges a path across the sky.

Backed by an electronic soundtrack and swathed in mist, the beam will be an extraordinary thing to behold before it pulses and builds to a crescendo 15-minute performerless performance.

Too much of life is spent looking down, your gaze lost in the rabbit hole of handheld media. Highlighting how society interacts in public spaces, White Beam encourages you to look up, to look around, to make a real social connection with other people and revel in a community unified by light.

Content: Melbourne Fringe Festival