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Pip Utton - Australia Tour 2017

03 95 343 388

1 - 5 Feb 2017

Award-winning solo performer Pip Utton tours three of his most acclaimed pieces of political theatre in his debut Australia tour with Imagination Workshop.

All three of these performances, Playing Maggie, Adolf and Churchill, demonstrate live theatre at its best. They are both gritty and gripping and present an atmosphere so poignant you could cut it with a knife. Theatre is supposed to ask questions, provoke thought, offer an insight into a world different to your own, and to introduce to you characters you would not otherwise meet. Playing Maggie, Adolf, and Churchill does just that with epic finesse.

This debut Australia tour produced by Imagination Workshop is ideal for theatre audiences; students of drama, 20th century studies and politics; expat Brits, those with a keen eye for current affairs, and anyone keen to witness two performances with an unbeatable level of honesty, research and enthusiasm.

Content: Interactive Theatre International

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