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Kat Stewart (Offspring) and Mitchell Butel (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) star in Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama that proves politics and dinner parties are never a good mix.

Amir is an American living the American Dream. On track to make partner in his law firm, he lives with his artist wife Emily in their spacious Upper East Side apartment, where occasionally they will throw a dinner party. Tonight’s guests are Jory, a work colleague, and her husband, Isaac, an art dealer, and, with so much in common, the conversation flows easily. Then, as it inevitably does in today’s conflicted America, the topic turns to race, religion and identity. How quickly things fall apart.

Intense and absorbing with the arc of classic tragedy, Ayad Akhtar’s gripping modern drama has a hero who believes he has flown too high to ever fall to earth.

Sensationally proving Chekhov’s observation that lives can be destroyed during an event as mundane as a dinner party, this production of Disgraced draws on a stellar cast, directed by Nadia Tass (The Other Place).

Content: Melbourne Theatre Company