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The Secret Noise - Melbourne Festival

03 96 624 242

14 - 15 Oct 2016

Ensemble Offspring

Concept And Composition Damien Ricketson

There are sounds that exist on the other side of silence: music that has been deliberately kept from public ears. From forbidden airs to censored songs, retracted tunes and intimate odes intended for just one listener, the history of music is haunted by these secret compositions.

Ensemble Offspring invite you to embark on a multi-sensory exploration of sacrosanct sounds, charting your own path through a catacomb of music, performance and installation. Studded with hidden messages and aural mysteries, this descent into the underworld of music-making is a rare chance to uncover curiosities you were never supposed to know existed.

If anyone asks, you didn’t hear nothin’.

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$25.00 - $35.00

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