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Robbie Thomson: XFRMR / MESS: Live—Melbourne Festival

03 96 624 242

13 - 14 Oct 2016

Melbourne Exclusive

A double bill of light and sound connected by the phenomenon of electricity.

In 1891 the genius inventor Nikola Tesla tamed lightning with his Tesla coil, a device that renders electricity visible. Now Glasgow-based artist Robbie Thomson has harnessed the sonic capabilities of the Tesla coil in a work as arresting as the scent of burning ozone and as lively as electricity itself. By synthesising the ever-changing sonic geometries of the apparatus to produce distorted tones and percussive stabs, Thomson offers a glimpse into the subatomic relationships that govern the universe.

Meanwhile the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (M.E.S.S) will open a wormhole into the history of electronic music, with an astonishing array of synthesizers from the last half century to massage, manipulate and mangle. Conjuring the spectres of sounds lost to time while pointing in new directions music may yet still travel, this concert has been set to stun.

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