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Sing universal and ecstatic chants, move to mystic grooves, relax deeply to ambient instrumental music, and greet the new year with a sublime midnight meditation of flowing om chants. New Year's Eve Chanting and Meditation is presented annually by Jarek Czechowicz as an alternative and spiritual celebration. The event is now in its fourteenth year, and regularly attracts a full house.

Jarek's mantras and melodies are easy to sing and each is followed by a period of natural meditative silence. You are free to join in actively or just soak up the energising and healing vibrations of the music, the atmosphere, and the beautiful lighting. You can sit on chairs or cushions, or relax on the carpeted floor. Bring your own cushion for extra comfort.

The air-conditioned venue is full of charm and has been home to countless uplifting events. A serene outdoor space is also available. During intermissions you can enjoy meaningful connections with open-hearted friends who value spiritual enlightenment. Traditionally people bring some vegetarian supper snacks to share. Freshly brewed chai will be available, and the chai is made without caffeine. Discover just how good you can feel!

Content: Jarek Czechowicz

Price & booking


Type Entry cost
Cash only for tickets purchased at the door. All other tickets can be purchased online.
$70.00 - $100.00
At The Door

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  • Non smoking establishment
  • Public toilet

  • Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times