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For 30 years, Fringe Furniture has been the vanguard for iconic, eclectic, cutting-edge industrial design that, on occasion, might be described as totally impractical, verging on bonkers.

This year we’re shining a light back at the impossible ideas of the exhibition’s history, building on that spirit of fearless experimentation to forge a path into the future.

To celebrate the 30th annual Fringe Furniture exhibition, we pay homage to this open access design exhibition’s experimental beginnings by asking this year’s designers to focus on the original brief. Expect to look back in order to look forward, be ready to embrace ideas alongside form, and to champion wild and innovative design.

Fringe Furniture 30: Redesign turns a spotlight towards the sexy new supernovas of the design community as they reinterpret, re-imagine and reboot the history of the object. FF30 combines the old and the new, the practical and the impractical, the experimental and the market ready. Thirty years from now you’ll be telling your fellow Utopians that you sat on it here first.

Content: Melbourne Fringe Festival