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As photography enthusiasts, we see photo opportunities all the time and are quite often without our dedicated camera. Better Mobile Photos will show you how to combine photography principles with their recommended apps to recreate your favourite DSLR photos. More travellers are leaving their cameras at home, opting to make full use of their phone.

This walking tour is a great opportunity to discover new ways of photographing our amazing city on your phone.

Although the other workshop 'Turn Happy Snaps into WOW Photos' is not a prerequisite, it provides the basics to confidently capture your special moments and memories. 

Both workshops are great fun and jargon-free, information packed - with practical tips that are easy to understand. 
You will learn how to: identify why some photos make you go wow, create photos instead of just taking happy snaps, learn what ISO and Shutter Speed are and how to use them for creative control, use the best Photo capture and editing apps available on Android and iPhone, easily and intelligently apply photo enhancement using your mobile phone.

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