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Art Making as Meditation - an introduction

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11 Oct 2016, 11 Oct 2016

Meditation has many benefits as researchers and scientists show us, but you can enjoy the same benefits with art making.

In the process of art making, you can achieve the same state of mind as you do in mediation. You get to connect with the part of yourselves that you are often too busy to notice and listen to. What’s more is, art can provide an outlet of expression and allow you to examine this unheard voices of yours.

No artistic experience or talent required. Only an open mind to explore.

Crystal is a trans-personal art therapist whose passion is to co-facilitate people in accessing their own inner resources and finding their own truth through the use of creative art and psycho-spiritual process. Crystal offers authenticity, integrity and unconditional positive regards to her clients for them to explore and express themselves.


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All art materials are included