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Executive Chef John McLeay and Head Chef Daniele Gagno have returned from an incredible journey throughout South-East Asia on a search for the newest ingredients and cooking techniques available across this selection of diverse and vibrant countries.

A Chef’s Travels on a Plate will showcase John and Daniele’s new culinary discoveries. You will taste exciting new dishes and fresh flavour combinations, directly imported from the tasty finds made on this trip. Also, it’s Burma Lane’s 3rd Birthday, so even more reason to come and celebrate with the team.

A delicious evening where the Chefs show off their novel creations and you get to share in the Birthday cheer.

Content: Apples + Pears Entertainment Group

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Type Entry cost
A five-course menu with matching beverage to each course.

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  • Restaurant - licensed

  • Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times