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Kids Healthy Burgers Masterclass

03 95 311 542

Until 28 Sep 2016

In the September school holidays, the St Kilda Burger Bar at Grosvenor Hotel will put on a special series where they teach kids how to master the art of cooking a delicious and healthy burger.

The three events will be hosted by head chef and beef expert Paul Tyas, in the Grosvenor Hotel drive through.

In line with the venue's passion for encouraging healthy eating habits in children, Paul will demonstrate how to make burgers a suitable meal choice, discussing the best alternate ingredients, from the all-important patty to the style of bun, as well as where to find them and how to prepare them.

With assistance from Paul and their guardian, the kids will enjoy a hands-on experience, selecting from a buffet of nourishing ingredients and assembling their very own burgers.

The children will also get to go behind-the-scenes, with a guided tour of the St Kilda Burger Bar’s very own burger truck.

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