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CERES Fair Food’s inaugural Krautsourcing Day on October eighth is a quasi-festival of fermenting.

Melbournians will gather to shred, salt and schmoosh cabbage into jars before leaving them to ferment for four to six weeks.

It’s an opportunity to connect with friends, family and neighbours through the joy of food, fermentation and experimentation

CERES Fair Food will provide you with the resources, links, information and know-how to create your own sauerkraut.

How does Krautsourcing Day work? Use the invite friends button or share our Krautsourcing Day Facebook event to organise your own group of fermenters for a Saturday afternoon of being up close and personal with cabbage.

You will be able to order cabbage through CERES Fair Food’s website as a part of your regular order or as a one off order: just create an account.

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