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Lagangu > Alick Tipoti

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Until 9 Oct 2016

Linden New Art is proud to present a new solo exhibition Lagangu (from the islands) by Alick Tipoti. One of the Torres Strait Islands’ most dynamic artists, Tipoti will present a selection of lino-prints, paintings and sculptures that reflect his culture and depict many meaningful symbols about the land, sea and sky through customary Torres Strait Island patterns.

Born and raised on Badu Island (Queensland), home to the biggest community in the outer Torres Strait, Tipoti was taught carving techniques by uncles from an early age. His involvement in making traditional dance costumes and dancing apparatus as a child led to his interest in creating art today. Tipoti is also one of the few remaining people today who can speak the Torres Strait Island language of Kala Lagaw Ya fluently, another influence leading to the preservation of his culture and art practice.

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