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Glow brings together five contemporary Australian artists with the common thread of working with light, yet each in very different ways.

David Burrows’ evocative stereoscopic boxes blur the lines between reality and illusion.

Aly Indermuhle’s light sculptures seek to draw attention to the luminous, which surround us in urban life.

An ongoing investigation in light and colour informs Giles Ryder’s work, which balance a posture of throwaway playfulness with the pretence of jewel-like preciousness.

Jason Sims’ bold geometric sculptures create playful optical illusions that explore the space between reality and illusion, both physically and metaphorically.

Tricky Walsh uses architecture as an analogy for human endeavour and the complexities of our various methods of communication; aural, visual, technological.

In GLOW, there lies a visually immersive environment for the viewer to experience.Everyone wants to GLOW, to be seen and to be part of a lit up world, this exhibition take you there.

Content: City of Melton

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