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MADA presents 'Wearing the Private City'

12 Nov 2016

The next generation of Melbourne architects and designers head to MPavilion to unveil some very unique works—and you’re invited.

Following on from last year’s incredible ‘Wearing the interior city’, this year’s theme is ‘Wearing the private city’, inspired by the iconic private architecture of homes in Melbourne.

Our hot tip is there will be a Robin Boyd (perhaps a Featherston House?), an Alistair Knox, a Peter McIntyre, a Wood Marsh, and a John Wardle—no doubt there will be some surprises, too.

A new group of talented Monash University Art, Design and Architecture students has been hard at work translating notable private structures into wearable forms—experimenting with pleats, wraps, drapes, stitches, folds and tucks, and testing which materials work best with the body’s movements.

Join the students for presentation night on Saturday 12 November as they show off the silhouettes, shapes and structures of their labour.

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