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Bijoy Jain, Naomi Milgrom and Peter Maddison in conversation

6 Oct 2016

What does it take to commission and put together an event like MPavilion? How does the design process unfurl? What does the handmade architecture movement propose for the future of architecture?

The first MTalks event for MPavilion 2016/17 revisits the process that has born Bijoy Jain’s stunning design—from brief, to Studio Mumbai’s unique creative process, to build.

Join MPavilion 2016/17 architect Bijoy Jain and MPavilion’s patron Naomi Milgrom along with Peter Maddison as host, presenter of Grand Designs Australia and renowned architect in his own right, as they sit down and have a chat about all things MPavilion, architecture and more.

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  • Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times