Westgarth Cinema, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Pay your respects to hipsters of yore who settled Northcote with the requisite cafes, bars and boutiques, and to the fortunes of planning that afforded Rucker's Hill its unparalleled city views.

Northside culture
There's a decidedly arty vibe around Northcote, whether you're cruising the Westgarth strip, heading up Rucker's Hill to High Street or occupying a patch of St Georges Road. 

Check out the latest exhibition at Joint Hassles indie gallery, check out the mind-blowing displays at Disco Beans, or come monthly for a night of amazing tales at Willow Bar's Willowtales Story Telling Night. Catch an arthouse flick at the beautiful Westgarth Cinema, and see in your tomorrows with a night of high profile or emerging bands at the Northcote Social Club.

Shopping the strips
There's everything you'll ever need contained in Northcote's emporia. i dream a highway will fulfill your whimsy quota; together Lupa and Obus will make you cool with locally-designed fashion; while Title will kit you out with the requisite musical and literary back catalogues. Grandfather's Axe will sell you a Scandanavian seat on which to perch and look the part. 

Three square meals
You've got every meal covered in Northcote, and the chances of a good night out with some top tunes are high.

Eat early at the aptly-named The Breakfast Club, and get brunching at Red Door Corner Store, Penny Farthing Espresso. Dinner is taken care of thanks to Next Door Diner, Pizza Meine Liebe and Estelle, and digestifs will be waiting at Wesley Anne, Joe's Shoe Store and Kelvin. 

All that eating and drinking and being arty can play havoc with your waistline, so get out and about, doing laps at Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre or pacing with purpose at All Nation's and Batman parks.

The Breakfast Club, Northcote, Victoria, Australia

The Breakfast Club

Pay homage in an edible way to the 80s classic film from the cosy kitschy café of the same name, where the menu is typecast and the coffee great.

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Lupa, Northcote, Victoria, Australia


Embrace your inner she-wolf and get behind Lupa's admirable aims to reject disposable fashion in favour of local style. You'll look good, to boot.

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Pizza Meine Leibe, Northcote, Victoria, Australia

Pizza Meine Liebe

Declare your love for pizza along with Northcote locals in the know and pizza aficionados from far and wide who know that fresh and simple are best.

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The Wesley Anne, Northcote, Victoria, Australia

The Wesley Anne

Congregate with devoted regulars in the sprawling beer garden, elegant dining room or vibrant bandroom of this holiest of northern watering holes.

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Joe's Shoe Store, Northcote, Victoria, Australia

Joe's Shoe Store

Stroll up High Street to this bar stocked with old world wines and rare beers. Elbow some room at the bar or find a spot in the crowded backyard.

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