Centre Place, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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City laneways

It's always a thrill entering Melbourne's hive of bustling, creative laneways, with their covert boutiques, famed restaurants, hole-in-the-wall cafes and astonishing bars.

Bar finds
Give 'Mainstreet' a miss and head down alleyways to find walls covered with stencil work, lightboxes and sculptures that point you to the door of quirky bars. Check out Bar Americano in Presgrave Place, Section 8 in Tattersalls Lane, Croft Institute in Croft Alley and Cherry Bar in ACDC Lane. Find addresses that reveal themselves to be velvety jazz clubs and flashy wine bars, or bare-bone student hangouts and dimly-lit hideaways.

Old favourites
Never forget those tried and true laneways, favoured for their reliability. Meyers Place still hosts the eponymous bar plus no-fuss Italian amico Waiters Restaurant, while the Pellegrini's welcome to Crossley Street is an institution. Hardware Lane, Degraves Street and Centre Place are vying to feed you and ensure you look the part.

Visual arts
On the off chance that a tiny laneway isn't hiding a boozy dens or caffeine lairs, you're likely to find colourful street art as part of the annual Laneway Commissions. See anything from neon animals in Cocker Alley to video installations in Manchester Lane and paste-ups in Westwood Place.

More secret art can be uncovered in the galleries that line Guildford Lane. Duck into the old red-brick furniture warehouses and printing suppliers and find lofts showcasing temporary exhibitions, and stop for video art at Screen Space.

Somerset preening
Menfolk who give a hoot about the cut of their jib make their way to Somerset Place and neighbouring Rankins Lane for streetwear, bespoke footwear, made-to-measure attire, and good grooming at Comeback Kid and Captains of Industry. Ride away with a takeaway coffee and custom wheels from The Little Mule Cycle Company & Cafe.

Romeo Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Romeo Lane

Find love in the form of cocktails seductive enough to woo tastebuds from any side of the family divide at this laneway newcomer (formerly Von Haus).

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Manchester Press, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Manchester Press

Get in line to praise Manchester Press, the huge lucent space softened with old timbers and quirky junkyard installations where coffee reigns supreme.

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Degraves Espresso Bar, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Degraves Espresso Bar

Never tire of the prototypical 'Melbourne cafe', with its laneway location, old-world charm and uncompromising coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Money For Rope, Cherry, Melbounre, Victoria, Australia. Image: Carbie Warbie

Cherry Bar

This old soul of the Melbourne scene was founded by the drummer of the Cosmic Psychos in 2000 and was a launch-pad for local heroes Jet and Airbourne.

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Laneway Learning, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Laneway Learning

Sign up for an adultcation experience: cheap, fun classes in anything and everything, in Somerset Place's Little Mule and Manchester Lane's Shebeen.

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Jungle Juice, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jungle Juice

Squeezing into Jungle Juice might not be easy, but it's worth it for a filling bagel or bowl of soup, a fancy coffee, and naturally, a fresh juice.

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Head downstairs for independent, experimental and thought-provoking visual art, theatre and live music at this not-for-profit theatre and gallery space.

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Le Belle Miette, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

La Belle Miette

Pick up a box of dainty French treats from La Belle Miette, purveyor of specialty macarons presented in boxes as tempting as the delicacies inside.

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The Deanery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Deanery

Share in the secret of The Deanery, with its understated, cool, sophisticated vibe, fulfilling food, and wines so good they need to be caged.

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Pellegrini's, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Do your bit to ensure Pellegrini's gets to its centenary as it's a known fact Melbourne would be poorer without its charm and comforting Italian food.

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Shebeen, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Drink to the future at the newly opened Shebeen – a non-profit bar that sends profits back to aid projects in each drink's country of origin.

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Little Mule, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Little Mule

Your two-wheeler might be single speed, but thanks to the killer coffee and homestyle cooking at The Little Mule, you'll be running on all cylinders.

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Journal, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Enjoy an 'intellectual' date of highbrow chat and down-home cooking amid the bookish atmosphere at Journal, where it's ok to eat, drink, and talk.

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Krimper, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Get a dose of Australian architecture and design history alongside your Proud Mary coffee and sophisticated breakfast and lunch options.

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Blender Lane Artists Market

Blender Lane Artists Market

2 Dec 2015, 9 Dec 2015, 16 Dec 2015, 6 Jan 2016

The Blender Lane Artists Market is an outdoor event held every Wednesday, located in one of Melbourne's most diverse and vibrant street art covered...

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Captains of Industry, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Captains of Industry

Get a haircut and have a coffee all while getting measured for a bespoke suit. This is a one-stop shop for real gentleman. Grandfather would approve.

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