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Horror Film Festival - Asylum Ghost Tours

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Asylum Ghost Tours

Come and enjoy a film marathon with Asylum Ghost Tours in total comfort in the main hall, where the patients used to enjoy the same thing.

Primarily horror, but other options will be offered occasionally. Asylum Ghost Tours can arrange children's films to adults.

All film ratings apply for admission.

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$10 per concession/child per film during single, double, and triple-features. Valid concession card or proof-of-age for children under 16 required.

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  • Movies will be held on specific occasions.Bookings are essential for Asylum ghost tours to be able to accommodate you.

    Departure details: 01/01/01 - 01/01/01

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Tour operator

Asylum Ghost Tours offers ghost tours, history tours, paranormal investigations, horror-film festivals, accommodation, and any combination of these experiences.

All held at the historic Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum at Beechworth, Victoria, in the midst of eleven hectares of heritage gardens.

Let the experienced guides tell you all the secrets of the place, relax in a comfortable lounge chair to watch a horror double-feature, or take advantage of the accommodation options.

History Tours - while the sun shines, take in the knowledge of the historic buildings of the former Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum.

Photography Tours - Escorted tours through the facility for photographers and film-makers.

Ghost Tours - after darkness falls, take a tour of the dark and haunted buildings of the former home for the infirm of mind.

Paranormal Investigations - when all is quiet and the dead things open their eyes, take part in a two or three-hour investigations to attempt to find out who or what really does haunt the foreboding asylum.

Horror Film Marathons, come and enjoy a film marathon in total comfort in the main hall, where the patients used to enjoy the same thing.