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Visit Murray Breweries for a real taste o' history. Old-style syrups and traditional mixers.

The historic brewery was built in 1865 while Beechworth was at the height of the Gold Rush. The original owner was George Billson, hence the name on the building of 'Billson's Brewery'. However over the next 50 years it underwent a number of name changes until 1916 when the current name of Murray Breweries was established.

The site was chosen because a natural spring occurred here and the pure water has been used in all of the beverages to this day, known now as Snowline Pure Mountain Spring Water.

During the 1920's due to the intervention of a temperance group the production of beer ceased, although Stout continued to be made for another 30 years. It was at this time a soft drink and cordial factory was started.

Today Murray Breweries specialise in turn of the century gourmet cordial mixers of long forgotten flavours made to time honoured recipes and methods.

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