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Budj Bim Day Tour

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Budj Bim Tours

This day tour encompasses the entirety of the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape. It begins at the Budj Bim Orientation Centre in Heywood where you will be welcomed, introduced to Gunditjmara culture and country, and watch a ten minute introductory video. The tour then takes you to the Tyrendarra IPA where you will see remnant circular stone house sites and reconstructed dwellings, while here, you will also learn about the extensive stone aquaculture systems engineered by the Gunditjmara people. You will then take the scenic drive out to Mount Eccles-Budj Bim National Park after a brief stop at the Convincing Ground. Here you will learn more about the pre and post-settlement history of the Gunditjmara people and the dreaming stories and figureheads that are important in Gunditjmara culture. This tour includes a fully catered bush tucker lunch, which varies seasonally but typically includes kangaroo, smoked eel, water parsnip, warrigal greens, wattle seed rolls as well as traditional green salads. There will also be refreshments provided along the way.

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  • Minimum 5 people required. Tours will operate Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat as required. Departure time is 10am.

    Departure details: 01/01/01 - 01/01/01

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Budj Bim Tours is an authentic, indigenous owned tourism company that offers exclusive guided tours through the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape, in south-west Victoria. Budj Bim Tours operate out of Heywood, Victoria and itineraries range from two hours to full days.

You will experience the history and culture of the Gunditjmara people from a Gunditjmara guide. During your tour you will see stone house sites, reconstructed stone houses and stone aquaculture systems that are over 6000 years old. Learn about native food plants, and how the Gunditjmara people engineered the landscape to ensure that they could live a settled, rather than nomadic lifestyle.

For an authentic experience, consider adding a bush tucker tasting to your tour. Seasonal options include warrigal greens, kangaroo, smoked eel, water parsnip and more. For large group bookings and business events, the Winda Mara Dancers are available to be booked.

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