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Gulgurn Manja rockshelter is located 5 kilometres south of the Western Highway near the Hollow Mountain camping ground. There is a 15-minute gentle walk to the site from Flat Rock Road. This self-guided walk is at the northern tip of Gariwerd, about an hour's drive from Halls Gap.

Gulgurn Manja (pronounced Gulkurn Manya) means 'hands of young people'. The paintings at Gulgurn Manja include bars, emu tracks and handprints. These paintings were part of a unique local art style which was used to tell stories and pass on the law of the Jardwadjali (pronounced Yard-wa-jali) people.

Location: Grampians National Park
Nearby: Mt Stapylton, Mt Zero.
Safety: A good map should always be carried. Northern Grampians Walking Brochures are available from Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre Halls Gap, or a local Grampians Visitor Information Centre.

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