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Uncover fishing paradise in the Grampians region's lakes and rivers and snare a prize catch from the diverse and plentiful species of fresh water fish that bite year-round.

River fishing

The Wimmera River has a healthy population of golden perch, redfin, freshwater catfish, silver perch, Murray cod and carp, and is the only area in Victoria where you can legally catch and possess two freshwater catfish over 30 centimetres. The Horsham, Dimboola and Lake Hindmarsh stretches of the river offer exceptional fishing for native species. Downstream from Horseshoe Bend, the river can host golden perch, Murray cod, freshwater catfish, redfin and carp.

Fishing enthusiasts head to the quiet pools on the Wimmera, Glenelg and Wannon rivers for redfin and trout, and to the Mackenzie River for brown trout.

On the lakes

Lake Bellfield, four kilometres south of Halls Gap, provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing, with redfin, trout and river blackfish the main species to be caught. Towards Horsham and beside the Western Highway, is Taylor's Lake – well known for its exceptional golden perch, as well as Murray cod and redfin.

Lake Toolondo, south west of Horsham, has a reputation for brown trout fishing with outstanding catches regularly being reported. For rainbow trout head to Natimuk Lake, west of Horsham.

Redfin are prolific in Lake Wartook, and can be found in Lake Fyans near Stawell, along with trophy brown and rainbow trout.

Tucked away in the heart of Hamilton is Lake Hamilton, a well kept fishing secret that produces redfin and trout, and in recent years has been stocked with estuary perch with some success. North of Hamilton is Rocklands Reservoir, the second largest lake in Victoria. Brown trout and redfin are the predominant species and the deepest part of the lake can be found at the wall area near Balmoral.

Yabbies for all

Yabbies are bountiful throughout the region in the warmer months, and targeting these delightful creatures is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Lakes that produce well are Lonsdale, Charlegark, Booroopki, Wallace, Dock, Pine, Natimuk and Hindmarsh.

Check with a local visitor information centre for fishing permit information.

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