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Michelle Zuccolo: From Flesh and Bone

03 53 278 615

23 Oct 2016

For Michelle Zuccolo, the study and depiction of taxidermy animals and skulls,tracing the practice of trophy hunting and the human desire to preserve the memory of creatures through art, science and biology has been an ongoing theme. This culminated in a series of works made from taxidermy wild game, referencing issues related to her European ancestry, the hunted and hunters.

In a new series of works and exhibition, following a recent International Fellowship in Italy and Austria researching classical and medieval art forms, Zuccolo presents a suite of intriguing drawings. Here she depicts people in situ nuns and artists in the course of daily life preoccupied in thought, navigating complex spaces, juxtaposed with other mixed-media works portraying puppets from the Punch and Judy series of a strange, satirical and whimsical nature.

Content: Post Office Gallery, Federation University Australia